Resume Writing Tips

Long-time professional resume writer Rachel M. Landry has a stellar record of landing interviews by guiding her clients into creating winning resumes that get the interview 8 out of 10 times.

Her unique and effective approach to resume writing has been developed through years of actual experience as a resume consultant, and in collaboration with top executives in the hiring business.

Because she understands the most important things employers are looking for when they read a resume, Rachel’s proven methods result in resumes that consistently push the right buttons and make the phone ring.

Now, all of that wisdom and experience is available in an easy to understand step by step guide that will help you write a winning resume that gets results.

In fact, you’ll have every detail you need to make certain the resume you write will use the most effective techniques that have been proven to catch the eye of hiring managers.

And you’ll discover how to avoid the worst resume mistakes — the ones that will sink your chances of getting through the hiring office door.

It’s like having your own personal resume coach

“Your Winning Resume Starts Here” contains years of wisdom from a highly-successful professional resume writer, neatly distilled into a compact, easy-to-use ebook that costs less than a modest meal for two plus dessert at an inexpensive restaurant.

In fact, you can probably skip the dessert and still come out ahead.

The “meal money” you invest to order, download and read this treasure-trove of winning resume principles and advice will be paid back many times over — the moment you get that call for the interview on this website and get some real professional resume writing help.

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